Some of our shiny new homes (available in Shropshire & the West Midlands)
Mortgage Calculator
  • We can help you make the sums ‘add up’
  • We can put you in touch with IFAs who are experienced in shared ownership

The rent that you will pay for the property can be found on the Property Details Sheets. There may be a service charge in addition to the rent payable and our Sales Team will be able to explain this and tell you the amount, so please call them on 01952 217103.

Some of the properties that we have available are for purchase as Shared Ownership, and others are available to purchase as Low Cost Home Ownership (details of how this works, and which properties it applies to can be obtained from our Sales Team) the remainder are available as ‘Rent First and Buy Later’.

You may want to see how much a mortgage would cost if you decide to purchase later,

the calculator can be used to do this.

We can put you in touch with Independent Financial Advisors who are experienced in dealing with mortgages for Inreach Homes, and they will also be able to introduce you to independent legal advisors too. It will save you time having to find your own, and they are completely independent.

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